Established in 2003 our company which is one of the leading companies in the sector of clean water and wastewater treatment systems exports, imports, projects, manufactures and gives practice, consultancy and technical services. Our company also makes business with many countries like Kazakhistan, Romania, Libya, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Kenya, Iraq, Ethiopia and Macedonia. Apart from central systems of city and towns we have isolated solutions for houses, hotels, factories, schools, farmlands. Our company became active at household water treatment sector in 2014. Our company's main businesses about water treatment systems are; WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS • Packaged waste water treatment plants • Concrete types of wastewater treatment plants • advanced level treatment , depending on the discharge or use of the treated water coming out of the wastewater treatment plant ( the garden irrigation water) Wastewater treatment equipment ( diffuser , blower ... .etc ) 2. WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS clean industrial water treatment systems with Treat® brand for global, and with Moya® brand for the domestic sector • Filtration units ​​automatic filter units ( separators, filters, disc filters, mechanical filters, sand filters, and iron holder filters , nitrate remover filters,activated carbon filters, ammonium filters ... etc.) Manual filter unit Ultrafiltration System • Water Softener Systems Tandem, single water softening units • Disinfection Units chlorination systems, ozone generators, UV units • Reverse Osmosis Units water Reverse Osmosis Units of well water Reverse Osmosis Units sea water reverse osmosis unit Domestic type Reverse Osmosis Units • De- mineralized Water Production Units ...etc. Domestic treatment units (filters, RO under sink devices, small water softening units, RO units ... etc) * Treatment Equipment ; automation , valves , resin, carbon..etc., RO Unit equipment (membranes, membrane boxes..etc) , mineral tanks ... etc. 3. GREY WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS for waters from sink and from the shower . 4 .CHEMICALS Antiscalant Liquid Membrane cleaning chemicals sodium metabisulfite (removing residual chlorine ) pH Lowering and raising ..etc

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